Month: November 2014

Book Review: “God Gave Us Angels” by Lisa Tawn Bergren

God Gave Us Angels by Lisa Tawn Bergren is a delightful children’s picture book.  The illustrations by Laura J. Bryant are simply gorgeous as well.  The book tells the story of a young bear cub who talks with his father about angels.  The father tells his son that angels are all around us.  He also tells him that angels do many things such as bringing messages to us or guarding us.  He also points out they always worship God.  Little bear is intrigued to find out that he might have seen an angel, but was unaware that they were an angel.

This was a wonderful children’s book.  Little Bear easily portrays a child’s innocent curiosity about angels.  I love that the book tackles this curiosity in a Biblical manner that young children can understand.  I also love that the beautiful illustrations feature angels that look like bears.  My daughter loved looking for them.  She loved the book and so did I!

I received this book for free from’s Blogger Program in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review.

Book Review: “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World” by Joanna Weaver

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is absolutely great!  I can’t remember the last time that I poured over a nonfiction book like this.  It was so full of great examples and ideas, I actually pulled out my highlighter so that I can quickly reference parts of the book in the future.  My personality is such that I definitely feel much like Martha by always being so busy that I sometimes miss the important stuff, but I long to be like Mary as well.  So, I obviously related to the plight of many women who feel pulled in many directions, hurrying from task to task.  The book is full of thought-provoking sections that will make you look at things in a different light.  Consider this passage from page 8, “How do we choose the Better Part and still get done what really has to get done?  Jesus is our supreme example.  He was never in a hurry.  He knew who he was and where he was going.  He wasn’t held hostage to the world’s demands or even its desperate needs.”  It will make you assess the balance in your life and encourage you to rely upon the principles set forth in the Bible on how to achieve this balance and rely on the Lord for your needs.  I have already recommended this book to several friends and encourage you to pick up a copy as well.

The book uses a metaphor of Living Room Intimacy as Mary’s (and ours as well) heart being drawn to sit and listen to Jesus although the world is swirling with activity around her.  It also uses the metaphor of Kitchen Service to describe Martha’s (and ours as well) drive to get things done.  It uses lots of personal stories to help the reader to relate to the topic covered in each chapter.  The book also contains appendices that encompass such topics as a study guide, resources for Living Room Intimacy and Kitchen Service, journaling pages, a plan for a half-day of prayer, and Christian rights in the workplace.  The book also uses gray boxes to point out actionable ideas to work on to achieve the right balance in life.  I can’t recommend this book enough!

I received this book for free from’s Blogger Program in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review.

Happy Veteran’s Day

I’d like to take a minute to thank all who have served our country.  I’d also like to say thanks their families as well.  Your sacrifice is deeply appreciated.  May we never take you for granted.