In Bloom is a collection of stories from the author’s life that can be described as everything between hilarious and heart-wrenching as she describes her struggles with insecurity. Mrs. Aimee weaves truths from the Bible into her stories to help the reader with feelings of insecurity. The author covers a lot of ground in what makes us feel so insecure: not fitting in, comparison to others, feeling left out, thinking back on a conversation where you wonder if you acted in the right way or said the right thing, and the ever-present Mommy wars. She covers other topics that I have not experienced, but I can relate to every single one of those I just listed at some point in my life. All of these causes of insecurity point to the idea that most people just want to feel as though they belong. Feeling rejected causes insecurity and isn’t part of an abundant life. Mrs. Aimee encourages us to move past these feelings of insecurity and instead anchor our confidence in God. At the end of the book are study questions that can be used for individual or group study that covers several chapters at once. Each chapter grouping contains a Bible verse, discussion questions, and ideas to apply the theme. Although I use a different translation from those used in the book, Bible references are listed so that one can look up the verse for themselves. As a woman who regularly struggles with insecurity, it was refreshing to be reminded that fears, worry, and feelings of inadequacy should be replaced with the truth of what God says about our worth.

I received this book from B&H Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review.