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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

My personality is as such that I don’t gravitate to things that are new or uncertain. In such situations, I tend to be shy and wary. I’m proud to say that I’ve put myself into just such a situation over the past week and a half and have loved it!

Several weeks ago, I noticed in the church bulletin that they would be holding a women’s Bible study using the book Run for God by Mitchell Hollis. Joining the group intrigued me on several levels: it would be a great way to try to meet some of the ladies at the church we have been visiting, it would be a way to push me back into running/working out, and I was simply curious about what running and God had to do with each other. However, I tried to find a million excuses as to why I shouldn’t do it. First of all, I was scared to face a room full of unfamiliar faces. I worried that an old knee problem would make it impossible to participate. I thought of my son’s music lessons that were at the same time and how could I be in two places at once. There were so many excuses I could use.

At the gentle prodding of my supportive husband, who graciously agreed to go in early to work so he’d be home to take our son to music lessons, I agreed to try it. I emailed the study coordinator who gladly answered my questions. As I drove to the first meeting, I was nervous. I was relieved to have several ladies introduce themselves to meet and start chatting with me. I so excited to see the start of some great friendships blossoming.

I’m also enjoying the running days outside of the group meeting times. I’ve added a new playlist to my phone that has Christian music and really inspires me on those tough running sections. I also am enjoying spending time with my kids on my last two runs. They enjoy being outside and are continuing to develop a love of running. I haven’t put fitness as a priority in quite some time. That has affected not only my health, but also my ability to keep up with the kids. I’ve also been concerned that I’m not modeling the of attitudes towards exercise that may get passed along to them. I’m happy to say that although it will take a lot to change the family’s mindset, we’re on our way.

Of course, there are days when it’s hard and moments when my knees hurt, and I just don’t want to run. However, that is something that was discussed on our first night. Running can be paralleled with a journey of faith. Sometimes it’s hard to get started, sometimes we’re not as strong as we should be, and sometimes we lack to discipline to do what is needed. I thankful that I making a conscious effort to work on this, both in a physical and spiritual way. I pray that you too reach out to the unknown and make yourself better for the glory of God. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is exactly what you need.

“But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.” – Acts 20:24

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to each of you. I pray that your new year is blessed, healthy, and happy. 2014 was quite an eventful year. At least three life-changing events presented itself during the year. I’m still trying to understand why these things happened, and am slowing coming to understand that maybe I’m not supposed to ever completely understand them. Maybe I’m just supposed to grow through them by trusting that God holds all the answers and trusting in his promise saying, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

As a lot of people do, I’ve decided to plan achieve a few goals in the new year. There is something fresh and invigorating about the prospects of a new year. It encourages me to try to be a better person this year than last. So, I encourage you to think about a few things that you would like to work on, not just hollow resolutions, but a time of reflection and prayer in which you earnestly seek to be better. One of the posts on made me start thinking about making these goals to be specific and able to be accomplished in a set period of time. One thing that hold me back on getting a lot of stuff done is procrastination, hesitation, and uncertainty. I hope to address these bad habits to live life more fully and happily. So, here are a few of my goals for the year. They are already listed with a deadline in my to-do list so I can keep myself accountable. Feel free to share some of your goals as well.

-Learn to cook five complete meals that I feel are my go-to meals when I have company over. I can cook, but sometimes become nervous when cooking for others.
-Eat more healthy foods and exercise more. (I know this is cliche, but it’s needed in my case.)
-Hone my sewing skills, including learning to quilt, make doll clothes, and a dress.
-Read the Bible, spend more time on devotions and prayer, and memorize (and apply) at least one verse a month that can help me be a better mother, spouse, family member, friend, or Christian.
-Actually do some of the things I love on Pinterest. 🙂

All the best to you!

Happy Veteran’s Day

I’d like to take a minute to thank all who have served our country.  I’d also like to say thanks their families as well.  Your sacrifice is deeply appreciated.  May we never take you for granted.

Just Picking Cotton

My family had a unique opportunity to visit a cotton farm yesterday. My husband is a member of a antique tractor club. As part of the club, we were invited to the farm to pick cotton by hand and then watch a demonstration of both an antique and modern-day cotton picker machines. The day also included a hay ride and yummy lunch.

I really enjoyed a bit of testimony given by the farm’s owner. I hope he can forgive me if I don’t remember his words exactly. He gathered everyone around a hay wagon and said he had something he wanted to say. He told us how he was admiring God’s creation of nature as he saw the cotton field in full bloom. He said the Lord revealed to him how a cotton plant could portray the Gospel. The white cotton bloom represents purity of Christ. The bloom then turns purple which reminded him of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The bloom then dies just as Christ did on the cross for our sins. The resulting cotton boll bursts forth just as Christ did from his grave during the Resurrection. It was a blessing to have been there to be a part of this time with this gentleman speaking from his heart.

The highlight of the day was my family getting to experience cotton picking by hand. I’ve grown up hearing so many stories about my relatives working in cotton fields. My memories of their stories was that it was tedious and painful work. Just last weekend, I went to visit my great uncle who talked about having to pick the remains of the cotton in the field. He had to save for quite some time just to buy a bicycle. While I did enjoy picking the cotton, I can very easily see how one wouldn’t want to have to do it for any length of time. However, for the short time we did it today, it was fun.

I’m thankful that my children (and I) got the chance to experience this harvest that so many of our ancestors had also participated in. I’m also thankful for the older members of the tractor club that took the time to explain the process to us and tell us stories of their memories of cotton picking. In this world of electronic gadgets and constant connectivity, it was nice to get away for just a day and enjoy life with my family. Although I may grumble from time to time about the tractor, I think it’s wonderful that my children get exposed to so many things from days gone by that they would miss if their head was buried in an electronic device all day long. I encourage you to do the same with your children. Find a local festival and spend time together teaching them about everything you can think of that is good. Unfortunately, children grow up too fast. Take time to make it count!

A Bit of History

Farmer Boy and I had the privilege of attending the 2014 Historic Haints and Saints Cemetery Tour presented by Crawford W. Long Museum on Friday night. It is a history tour that featured the stories of about six different people that were buried in nearby Woodbine Cemetery. The cast featured several well-known people from the area, including Representative Tommy Benton.

I was a little concerned that Farmer Boy might be still a little too young to appreciate it, but I was happy to see he enjoyed going. His favorites were the portrayal of Gustavus James Nash Wilson by Representative Benton and James Mauldin by John Jackson. He was particularly interested in the Mauldin story as it was a story of a Confederate veteran that participated in the Battle of Gettysburg. Mr. Jackson is an engaging storyteller.

It was a great time to spend with my son. I’m always trying to find things to do individually with each child. Since this had history and just enough of an air of mystery and scariness to keep him interested, it was a good choice. I highly suggest that you check this tour out next time it’s presented. It was great to learn more about local history.

Movie Review: “Safe Haven”

Wow! I loved this movie. This 2013 film starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel certainly exceeded my expectations. I thought it was going to be a standard “chick flick.” So, I decided to watch it when I couldn’t sleep. It had suspense, family issues, and romance. I’ve never read a Nicholas Sparks book before, but he’s going to the top of my list since I usually find the book to be so much better than the movie.


Welcome to the relaunch of my blog!  I tried my hand at blogging several years ago.  Unfortunately, life got the in the way of my blogging aspirations.  Mothering two children was much more of a priority given my ever-dwindling amount of extra time.  Now, those kids still need me, but not as much.  So, I think I’ll give this a try again. First of all, I guess I should introduce myself.  I’m a stay-at-home mom with a wonderful husband and two great kids.  My interests, and the topics for this blog, are scrapbooking, reading, parenting, budgeting, travel, crafting, organizing, cooking, and photography just to name a few.  I  also love getting ideas of things to do with the kids off Pinterest.  I hope to share some of our favorites with you here.  I hope you enjoy!